What is Recycle City

Recycle City is Hamilton's most convenient, 1-STOP-SHOP, public transfer station. Having served Hamilton and its surrounding ares for 10+ years, Recycle City has created the most optimal dumping experience for residential and commercial customers.





Drive onto our weight scale where a scale representative will kindly greet you and record what materials you are bringing in

Once we have your weight you can drive towards our yard supervisor who will direct you exactly where to dump

After unloading your waste, proceed to our outbound scale where you will be charged by the weight of material dumped


Learn About How We Work

Recycle City places an emphasis on sustainability and safety above all other things. It is our duty as a recycling facility to ensure our practices and procedures are as environmentally friendly as possible, while maintaining the highest degree of workplace safety. Despite our efforts to become the most sustainable recycling facility in our city, our team looks above and beyond that goal with plans to become a ZERO waste to landfill operation.

Below are some common questions we receive all the time. These are typical questions from you, our customers, which we greatly appreciate because it helps us run the best possible operation. If you have any other comments or concerns, please reach out to the number below.

It's simple. Pull up to our weight scale where you'll be kindly greeted and pointed in the direction to drop off your waste. From there you will unload in our yard and when you're done, drive back to the weight scale and you'll be charged by the weight. 

We help unload! Our team is always happy to lend a hand!

No, there's no need to sort your waste at all. We do it for you. Simply drive-in, drop-off, and away you go!

Some dumps may refuse mixed loads, but not Recycle City. Whether the load is mixed with dirt and garbage, or full of wood and steel, that's no problem at all.

Recycle City has the best prices around. We charge only $10.50 for every 100kg. That works out to only $105 per metric ton.

Recycle City accepts everything except for liquid and hazardous waste. We take everything such as household waste, construction and demolition debris, soil concrete and brick, and all types of wood waste. For any other inquires about accepted materials, don't hesitate to reach out.

Yes! Recycle City accepts all types of scrap metal and residential cardboard for free.

If you are a commercial customer or local business looking for a rebate on your cardboard, please reach out and a sales representative will be in touch.

No problem, Recycle City offers household and commercial disposal bins, and residential waste pick up. To learn more about our services, follow our website navigation bar to our full services page.

899 Nebo Rd, Hamilton, ON

Office - (905) 777-3867

Toll Free - 1 (844) 315-3278

24/7 Bin Line - (905) 961-5865

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